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Kawartha Region Information

TheWaterway.ca - Kawartha Region

With more than 50 lakes, rivers and waterways, it's no wonder that Kawartha Region is known as 'The Land Of Shining Waters'. Traveling through this area of The Waterway offers visitors everything from big city to small town.
I shot this video at the top side of Bobcaygeon Lock, Lock #32. Have a watch to see why the Kawarthas is known as 'the land of shining waters'.

Free Concerts At PeterboroughSituated along the Otonabee River and with a population of 70,000, The City Of Peterborough is a popular spot to spend some time during your journey. From excellent marina facilities to free waterfront concerts and easy access to many amenities within easy walking distance, many cruising boaters consider this spot a must to visit!

I took this video to show everyone around the top side of the Fenelon Falls Lock. The recently expanded boaters' tie up wall also provides both electrical power connections, as well as fresh water - a unique feature for the locks!

Peterborough also lays claim to the highest Liftlock in the world. Having recently celebrated it's 100th anniversary, this marvel of technology and simplicity continues to attract people from the world over.
And it's a really fun ride, too!

On The Water At Stony LakeLeaving the hustle of Peterborough, one returns to the tranquil waters of Clear and Stony Lakes and on to Buckhorn, Pigeon and Cameron Lakes.
All of these lakes - and more - are home to many small towns and villages.

Do yourself a favour and plan to stop in to as many as time allows, you don't want to miss a thing! The only regret you might have is having to leave - but the whole area is a must to see and will surely leave you wanting more.

Heading out from Bobcaygeon and over to Lakefield Marina on a HOT & sunny summer day;


Kawartha Region Fun Facts 

Not only does the Kawartha Region have the worlds highest liftlock (Peterborough), but the world's 2nd highest liftlock is located there, too! Kirkfield Liftlock holds the #2 position.
  Kirkfield is the summit of the Trent-Severn Waterway, meaning that whatever direction you sail from that point, you are heading downstream.
 Plus, Kirkfield/Balsam Lake is the the highest elevation above sea level that is navigable to by boat from an ocean. Cool, eh?
 By the way, Both of these Liftlocks have been in service for over 100 years!

 The lock at Bobcaygeon (Lock #32) was the very first built along the system, built in 1834.

 Lock #28 at Burleigh Falls used to actually be two separate locks. In the 1960's they were combined to make only one. That is why there is no Lock #29.

  Taking It Slow At Young's Point . . .
Youngs Point Evening

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